About the Chefs

“BRUCE IS ONE OF THE MOST EXPERIENCED RAW AND LIVING FOOD CHEFS IN THE WORLD!” – David Wolfe, author of Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future

Your lead Facilitator, Bruce Horowitz of the Sun Kitchen has a super food palette of epic experience to draw from: presenting internationally beside David Wolfe at multiple events… running the kitchen at the world’s most exclusive raw retreats– retreats where Daniel Vitalis and Chef Frankie G were his assistants… teaching conscious food prep and super food gardening to thousands of people at top educational facilities such as Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, PCC Cooks, the Evergreen State College, and The Oregon Culinary Institute… as Executive Chef of the World’s Largest Raw Food Gathering Ever: The Raw Spirit Festival, in its heyday, both in 2007 and 2008!… Developing cutting edge products for companies such as Living Tree Community Foods… Consulting for raw restaurants such as Blossoming Lotus in Portland, OR. and Luvin’ It Live in Atlanta, Georgia… Catering movie openings for Hollywood Stars like Woody Harrelson… Helping design the gardens at David Wolfe’s agricultural research center, Noniland… Designing the epic raw food cafe for Hawaiian Sanctuary… Teaching 40 Hour Hands-On Raw Food Chef Certifications to students from around the world… and Much, Much More!

For even more information about Bruce Horowitz and The Sun Kitchen, please visit www.thesunkitchen.com


Kitzia Danel 

Kitzia Danel  is a Culinary artist, Landscape designer and Eco-yogini.  She has devoted the last 14 years to grow organic diversity in the tropics (over 3000 plant species,) and to develop many exotic recipes with this amazing diversity. She is currently co-director of La Floresta Institute of Sustainability, located at Madre Tierra Spa and Resort. Kitzia combines flowers, herbs and local delicacies with Super Foods (especially raw chocolate) to create vibrant edible masterpieces.

She is a passionate Earthteward who weaves people and diversity working with the local Elders Asociation, alternative Schools and Asociation of Ecuadorian women creating community gardens and organic products with the vision of an organic valley. As a part of the permaculture weekend we will be also visiting some of this community projects.

Lucky you: She will be your host all week!


Julia Corbett is the owner and master creator behind Diviana Alchemy and author of  Sweet and Raw Pie Mandalas. Julia specializes at making beautiful superfood loaded treats and desserts. Her pies are works of art. She also can share in-depth knowledge of cleansing and healing with raw and superfoods.